Summer best collection “ The Golden Lava”

One of our most popular collections is The Golden Lava Collection. Beautifully hand cut, these gems are stunning to look at and make a wonderful gift!

Whether you want to keep them all for yourself or share with friends and family, these luscious crystal treats are sure to brighten up anyone’s day and make a lovely centerpiece for any tea party.

In this collection you will find a blue raspberry lapis that has that tart and sweet flavor of blue raspberry that is adored by all. The citrine is lemon flavored and some say reminds them of an old fashioned lemon bar. Tart and tangy cranberry is the flavor of the cranberry garnet and is embellished with dried cranberries. Pink tourmaline is juicy watermelon flavored and yellow calcite is tropical coconut pineapple. Beautiful green emerald is juicy, tart and sweet green apple and pear. Pink amethyst is lychee with jam, rhodonite is black raspberry pear with jam and red beryl is strawberry with jam.

If anything, you can say this crystal candy collection is delicate, lovely, graceful, alluring, and luxurious.

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