About Us

Silky Gem crystal candies are inspired by Vietnamese Lunar new year traditions.  These treats are known to bring health, wealth and good fortune in the new year.

My name is Gia Hung, and I am the founder of Silky Gem. I was born in Vietnam, and grew up in a poor family. Lunar New Year's treats were always a luxury for me as a little girl. I remember every year there was only one chance to eat this candy  called " Mut Rau Cau ". And sometime there were only a couple candies in a small tray for the entire family.  But I remember the taste and how happy I was whenever I was able to get this special treat.


I moved to USA, and these memories kept coming back from time to time, so I decided to bring these treats back to life. Combining the traditions of Vietnamese Lunar New Year and the Japanese Kohakutou art form, I hope these candies bring nothing but joy and luck for everyone who comes across them.