Our first crystal candy collection “ Crystal Lover”

Crystal Lovers is one of our first collection that came out in February 2022. 

Some people believe that crystals have magical gifts and healing qualities. True crystal lovers know the healing power and magical qualities of each precious crystal. Many crystals have positive energy and our Crystal Lover’s collection is no exception.

This beautiful collection is bursting with beautiful crystal treats lightly flavored and an awesome addition to any tea party as a lovely conversation piece.

Our yellow calcite is positive stone that heightens self esteem and lifts our mood and has the tropical flavors of coconut and pineapple.

Jade is said to bring good luck and the flavor is perfectly balanced with coconut and earthy Pandan.

Red jasper is a stone that symbolizes protection and ours is flavored with tangy tart blood orange.

Our caramel flavor is red carnelian which is believed to help improve confidence and creativity.

Rainbow fluorite is an excellent source for clear thinking and focus and we have paired it with the slightly floral grape like lychee flavor.

Rhodonite helps clear emotional wounds and we thought it is the perfect stone for blackberry and pear flavor.

Blue agate helps clear emotional health to keep our physical health in place and the soothing taste of white chocolate mint is the perfect flavor for this soothing crystal.

Citrine is such a happy bright stone that helps increase cheerfulness and the bursting bright flavor of yuzu is perfect for this spiritual crystal.

Mango and it’s bold flavor is the perfect flavor for Amber. Amber has been known to be worn by elders as a symbol of wisdom.

Realgar is our strawberry flavor and is a rare stone that is known to bring energy into the body.

Yellow carnelian is a gem that offers stability, grounding and a zest for life. Passion fruit and mango were the best choice to pair with this stunning crystal. 

Whatever your need is, there is a precious gem waiting to spiritually shower you and a tasty Silky Gem that is ready to please your taste buds.

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