Kohakutou For Weddings and Events - Celebrate Special Occasions with Silky Gem

At Silky Gem, we love to see our traditional crystal candy craftsmanship meet modern celebrations. Our specialty crystal candies, inspired by the art of Japanese Kohakutou and Vietnamese Mut Rau Cau, offer a unique and elegant touch to any event. Perfect for weddings, product launches, baby showers, and birthdays, Silky Gem candies provide a memorable way to celebrate special occasions.
Bring A Touch of Elegance To Your Wedding
For your wedding, Silky Gem candies can be customized to match your theme colors, serving as both stunning table decor and thoughtful wedding favors. These visually appealing candies not only add a decorative touch but also offer a delightful taste, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.
Stand Out At Product Launches
Make a strong impression at your product launch with Silky Gem candies. Our cuustomizable options allow you to align our crystal candy with your brand colors and theme, providing a unique promotional item that reflects your company's identity. These candies are not just treats but a conversation starter, helping your product remain memorable. And allows for a lovely treat for your guests to take home and enjoy.
A Sweet Baby Shower Celebration
Celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby with Silky Gem candies. Available in custom colors, they can fit any baby shower theme or gender reveal party. Arrange them as part of your decor or package them as favors to thank your guests for their support and well wishes.
crystal candy for baby shower
Elevate birthday celebrations with Silky Gem's vibrant and luxurious crystal candies. Choose colors that fit the party's theme or the guest of honor's favorite hues. These candies can enhance your dessert table or be given as party favors, adding fun and flavor to the event.
Why Choose Silky Gem for Your Event?

Silky Gem candies are more than just sweets; they are hand crafted with quality ingredients, adhering to our traditional Vietnamese candy-making methods. We ensure that every piece is not only beautiful and crunchy, but also delicious. Silky Gem is committed to making your events special with candies that are visually striking and enjoyable to eat.
Using Silky Gem candies in your events means choosing to add a unique, tasteful element that enhances the celebration. Whether it's a wedding, a product launch, a new beginning, or a birthday, Silky Gem helps make each occasion more memorable.

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