Experience the Sweet and Nutritious Mangoes of Vietnam with Mango Silky Amber Crystal Candies

Vietnam is a mango-growing powerhouse, ranking 14th in the world in mango production. The majority of the mangoes produced in the country are consumed within Vietnam, with the southern part of the country being the traditional growing region.

Green Mango Salad, also known as Goi Xoai, is a staple dish in Vietnam that can be found in any eatery in the country. The salad features unripe mangoes, combined with either fish sauce or dried shrimp for a unique, tangy flavor. Other uses of green mangoes in Vietnam include chutney, pickles, and eating the fruit raw.

Mangoes are not only delicious but they are also packed with nutrients and low in calories. Regular consumption of mangoes has been linked to improved immune function and may even help prevent diabetes.

Looking to enjoy the taste of Vietnam's mangoes in a new way? Try our Mango Silky Amber crystal candies. These amber-colored treats are flavored with sweet mango and are often adorned with golden flakes. They offer a smooth and fresh taste, perfect for enjoying with a cup of jasmine tea. Don't miss out on these Crystal Treats!

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