“Pieces of Bling” Christmas Collection | Crystal Treats | Edible Gems

Are you ready for the Christmas holidays? We are and we can’t wait! With the holidays right around the corner and gift exchanges for family, friends and loved ones ,we are here to help you make it easy to get the perfect gift. Our jolly collection of crystal candy comes in a variety of festive shapes such as snowflakes, snow men, reindeer, Christmas trees, candy canes and more!

Our variety of shapes are also a variety of flavors. White candies are tangy sour lemon flavor, green is zesty key lime, red is juicy sweet cranberry, blue is tart and tangy blue raspberry, orange/pink is warm and rich apple cinnamon and black is a luscious dark chocolate.

Each box has 8-10 pieces of edible crystal candy and will make a beautiful gift or a stunning centerpiece for any holiday table. Buy a box or two of these beautiful crystal treats for you, your friends or family or to spruce up your holiday party with some bling!

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