“Pieces of Bling” New Collection | Crystal Treats | Crystal Candie

Who doesn’t love bling? We all do, right? You are going to love our new collection, “Pieces of Bling”. These hand crafted crystal candies are not only tasty but beautiful as well. In this collection you will find a plethora of lovely crystal shapes and flavors.

Included in this treasure trove you will find tasty rich dark chocolate cut into shiny black tourmaline crystal treats with a tiny berry flavored red beryl cube on top. There’s a tangy, sweet key lime cut in beautiful emerald green fluorite on a crunchy cluster. An apple favor with a hint of warm cinnamon is a beautiful pink opal addition to this crystal candy collection and the deep purple amethyst with the sweet flavor of grape and vanilla mades for a gorgeous color contrast. Tropical pineapple cut into a sunset aurora crystal and pink agate cluster with gold flecks flavored with tart grapefruit both brighten up this collection and red quartz with the creamy taste of marshmallow with berry flavored jam in the middle are both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and flavorful to the taste buds.

We hope that you will enjoy and this collection will become your new favorite!


  • Allie

    Hi, I was just wondering to see if yall have a berry crystal cluster?

  • Kenya

    I want you to make the clusters with love ❤️

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