Launching The Silky Gem Jams Me Up Collection 🍇

You asked… we’ve delivered! Silky Gems all new Jams Me Up Collection has launched!

We’ve made a name for ourselves creating crystal candy in a variety of shapes, flavors and colors, but we have seen your requests, and taken action.

Introducing the Jams Me Up Collection 🍇🍬

This brand new collection features 6 randomly selected jam-filled gems, each offering a unique combination of flavors that promise to satisfy your sweet cravings.
edible crystal candy

The flavours:

Cotton Candy Blue Raspberry + Sour Jam: Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of flavors! This candy is like a whirlwind of cotton candy sweetness and tangy blue raspberry, but watch out for the unexpected twist of sour jam that'll keep you on your toes.
Marshmallow + Sweet Berry Jam: Get cozy with this comforting candy combo. Picture sinking your teeth into a soft marshmallow filled with the sweetness of ripe berries and jam. 
Blue Raspberry + Jam: Plump blue raspberries, topped off with a drizzle of delicious jam that'll make your mouth water.
Strawberry + Sweet Strawberry Blended with Berry Jam: Treat yourself to a berry bonanza with this one! It's like biting into the juiciest strawberries imaginable, mixed with a swirl of sweet jam that'll have you craving more with every bite.
Black Raspberry and Pear + Jam: Imagine the rich flavor of black raspberries and juicy pears, paired with the sweetness of jam.
Lychee + Jam: We’ve savoured the juicy sweetness of lychee, with an added burst of jammy goodness that'll have you dreaming of sunny beaches and palm trees.
Honeydew Jam: Cool off with this refreshing candy delight! It's like taking a bite out of a ripe honeydew melon, with a hint of jam sweetness.
Cotton Candy and Blue Raspberry + Jam: Step right up and taste the magic of the carnival with this one! Classic flavors of cotton candy and blue raspberry, topped off with a dollop of sweet jam that'll leave you craving more fun.
Lemon + Jam: This flavor is like biting into a tart lemon, with a burst of sweet jam that'll make your taste buds sing.
silky gem jam crystal candy
We have carefully tried and tested each flavor to ensure you receive the best quality candy. Using specialist, local ingredients, we try and cater for everybody, so each candy is vegan and gluten free.

After an influx of messages from our audience over the past few months, we couldn’t be happier to finally share this collection with you! The Silky Gem team have been working hard in our factory to perfect the taste of each new flavor, from sweet and fruity to sour crystal candy, it’s everything we’ve been dreaming of.
You can find the Jams Me Up Collection on our Silky Gem Online Shop, or if you live close by, why not come visit us in person in our Gaithersburg store? We would love to meet you!

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