Flavor of the week-Aurora Crystal Candy

This beautiful edible crystal, slightly flavored with lychee, is one of our most popular crystals. Not only is it gorgeous with its aurora coloring and gold trim, its crunchy on the outside and has that juicy lychee flavor on the inside. These crystal treats would be a beautiful addition to any tea party, decorations on cakes or cupcakes or as a lovely gift for your favorite crystal lover.

As a child growing up in Vietnam I fondly remember those summer months and enjoying this tasty sweet, slightly floral treat. With a tough outer skin and a grape like center, they were always a favorite to snack on and enjoy with my brothers and sister. The orchards were always plentiful and beautiful with a rosy red color. They were often made into juices, desserts for the kids and wine for the adults.

Lychees have many amazing health benefits. They are loaded with vitamin C, B12, potassium and copper. Lychees also have antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-diabetic, anti-obesity, liver-protective and immune-boosting benefits.The fruit
also may help fight inflammation associated with diabetes and obesity.They also help prevent signs of aging, remove blemishes and reduce sunburns by applying directly onto the skin.

What unique flavor should I do next? maybe Horchata?

Let me know your thoughts. 

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  • Kambrie

    Can I have some of those?

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