Our NEW Moon Glass Collection 🌙

We are so excited to share with you the  Silky Gem Moon Glass Collection! This Easter, we have been working on a collection inspired by the luminous allure of the moon and the vibrant rebirth of spring. Each crystal candy is a portal to the mystical moon, and we can't wait for you to try our new shapes and flavours. 

The Essence of the Collection

Imagine candies that shimmer like moonlight on water, each piece embodies color and light, reminiscent of the world's most precious gemstones. The Moon Glass Collection, as always, stands as a testament to the art of candy making. Each piece is crafted to be as mesmerizing to the eye as it is delightful to the palate, handmade by our team of experts, creating a collection for you that truly belongs in the realm of fantasy. Marrying the iridescence of moon glass with the richness of jewel tones, this collection is perfect for anybody looking to add a taste of luxury to their Easter celebrations.

A Taste of Magic

This collection offers an array of tastes that we have never shared before. From the soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture to the surprising bursts of flavors in every crunch, this newest collection of crystal candies are truly magical.

Want to find out our newest flavours to try?

Lychee aurora - In the iconic shape of the easter bunny, this new variant of our classic lychee flavour. Bringing a burst of sweetness, some floral notes and the exotic essence of fresh lychee with a satisfying crunch
Peach moonstone - It wouldn’t be easter without some easter eggs, right? The peach moonstone flavor captures the very essence of a ripe, succulent peach in the shape of the classic egg
Strawberry lemon - The most delicate shape in this collection, the strawberry lemon flower. Delivering a zesty punch and sweet berry bliss this flavor blends the tang of lemon with the lushness of strawberries for a vibrant taste
Lemon - A lemon-flavored, bunny-shaped candy combines the zest of citrus in a playful, crunchy form, offering a tanginess to every bite
Mango - Bunny No. 2, this candy captures the rich, tropical essence of ripe mangoes, offering a smooth, juicy burst that mirrors the fruit's natural sweetness
Cotton candy - A fan favourite, we has to include a blue cotton candy carrot within this collection! This  airy, sugary sweetness of classic fairground cotton candy, will deliver a melt-in-your-mouth experience for that nostalgic effect
Silky Gem Moon Glass crystal candy collection
Have you tried any of our flavors before? We have so many to choose from! Whether your looking for a fun fruity candy, or maybe you prefer a sour Silky Gem? Either way, we've got you covered, discover more of our collections here.
Integrating the Moon Glass Collection into your Easter signifies the creation of new traditions. These candies work perfectly as the centerpiece of your gatherings, a topic of conversation, or as thoughtful gifts for family and friends. The Moon Glass collection was created to be shared, a way to connect with the people you love most.

Keeping Our All Natural Promise

In crafting this collection, we like to embrace the beauty of the earth. Our commitment to sustainability shines through in our use of eco-friendly ingredients, ensuring that each candy not only tastes good but makes you feels good! By supporting local artisans and employing practices that respect our planet and our customers, we ensure that each candy we make is gluten free, vegan, all-natural and always hand made.

Join the Moonlit Celebration With Us!

This Easter, the Silky Gem™ Moon Glass Collection is your ticket to a moonlit festival of flavors, colors, and enchantment. Share your journey with us, become a part of our community, and let's create new traditions together. We’d love to see you try these candies and share what you think with us on our socials! Tag us @silkygem

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