Silky Gem’s Favorite Fruity Crystal Candies

Craving a taste of summer? Silky Gem's fruity candies are bursting with flavor! We offer plenty of delightful flavors, each one a celebration of real fruit. Just like our handcrafted crystal candies, we avoid artificial flavors here.
Did you know about Mut Rau Kau? These crunchy and chewy candies are traditionally from Vietnam, famous for their vibrant colors and fruit tastes. Inspired by this delicious tradition, we created our very own fruity symphonies using real fruit extracts, just like Mut Rau Kau!
Here, we'll take you through 6 of our most popular fruit candies, sharing the inspiration behind its flavor and of course, the explosion of real fruit flavors.

Kiwi + Lychee Emerald

Imagine a vibrant emerald jewel that bursts with the sweet-tart tang of kiwi and the floral undertones of lychee. This candy captures the refreshing taste of these tropical fruits in a delightful crystal candy shell, with a shimmer that rivals its namesake gemstone.


Mango Silky Amber

As warm and inviting as a sunset, Mango Silky Amber offers the smooth, velvety taste of perfectly ripe mangoes. Each bite is a luxurious escape to the tropics, encased in a crystal candy with a golden hue, reminiscent of amber.

Grapefruit Pink Amethyst 

Our Grapefruit Pink Amethyst takes the tangy zip of grapefruit and balances it with a touch of sweetness. The vibrant pink crystals resemble amethyst gemstones, making them a fun and flavorful treat.

Honeydew Peridot

Delicate and refreshing, Honeydew Peridot is a crystal candy dream. The subtle sweetness of honeydew melon is perfectly captured, creating a candy as gentle on the palate as its namesake, the peridot gemstone, which shimmers with a soft lime green hue.

Watermelon Citrus Pink Calcite

Dive into a burst of summer with Watermelon Citrus Pink Calcite! This candy combines the juicy sweetness of watermelon with a hint of zesty citrus, creating a flavor explosion in your mouth. The vibrant pink crystals echo the color of watermelon flesh and resemble the lovely pink calcite gemstone.

Watermelon Pink Calcite - Silky Gem Crystal Candy

Green Apple + Pear Apatite

Tart and refreshing, Green Apple + Pear Apatite offers a delightful balance of sweet and tangy. The crisp bite of green apple mingles with the mellow sweetness of pear, resulting in a complex flavor profile encased in a crystal candy with a light green hue, reminiscent of apatite gemstones.

Tempted to treat yourself or find the perfect gift for a friend? Explore our full list of fruity single flavors. We offer expedited shipping options to ensure your candy arrives fresh and ready to be enjoyed. For more information on shipping times and costs, visit our help center. Don't wait – order your Silky Gem Crystal Candy today and enjoy!

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