From Wishes To Reality | The First Ever Sour Sugar-Free Crystal Candy

We are proud to announce that we are the first ever company to use Monk fruit into traditional Vietnamese Mứt Rau Câu aka Kohakutou aka Crystal candy. Growing up in Vietnam, Monk fruit is a big part of our culture and its called La Han Qua in Vietnamese. I remember we used to dry it and use it to make medicinal teas. Monk fruit sweeteners are made from the fruit's extract. They may be blended with dextrose or other ingredients to balance sweetness.

Monk fruit is a small, green gourd that resembles a melon. It's grown in Southeast Asia. The fruit was first used by Buddhist monks in the 13th century. 

Monk fruit extract is 150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar. The extract contains zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero sodium, and zero fat. This makes it a popular sweetener alternative for manufacturers who make low-calorie products and for the consumers who eat them. Monk fruit sweetener is Keto friendly, Halal

Health benefits:
- Sweeteners made with monk fruit don't impact blood sugar levels.

- With zero calories, monk fruit sweeteners are a good option for people watching their weight.

- Unlike some artificial sweeteners, there's no evidence to date showing that monk fruit has negative side effects.

Ever since we opened in January 22 of 2022, we have been constantly trying to improve our products. With a tons of different feedback we always try to listen to our customers wishes. Many of our beloved customers have been requesting for sugar-free crystal Candy version and sour crystal candy it’s have been a voice to push me into creating this product.

I have many friends and family members that are diabetic and I know their struggles with such a dangerous disease. I have personally witnessed the trials and tribulations of managing their blood sugar by counting sugars and constantly testing. I have always wanted to make something all diabetics and people that are practicing a low carb and keto can enjoy as a treat and not have to worry if it will harm them and I have finally found the formula. I am hoping that my new creation will bring joy to those close to my heart as well as all of my customers who I hold so dear.


  • Sarah

    Will you have these again?? I really want to try!!

  • Kameil Surgeon

    Thx for them


    Yummy crystal candy


    Yummy crystal caandy

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